A Pyromaniac Gnome (who is defintely not a DJ)


Real Name: Forgotten (but is Gimble Folkor)

Strength: -1
Dexterity: 0
Constitution: +3
Intelligence: +3
Wisdom: +2
Charisma: +3

Hit Points: 33
AC: 10 (13 with mage armor)

Elemental Adept: Ignore resistance to fire & fire damage rolls of 1 change to 2.

Trinket: A hilt of a broken sword


Growing up as a simple, unremarkable gnome, one day he walked into the local wilds around his home, only to disappear for a few years. When he returned, he was a changed man. During those years, Wildfire traveled to the plane of fire and met what appeared to be a woman made of fire. She told Wildfire of his future, how he would be the one to destroy a great evil that would threaten his world. To aid him in this matter, he was infused with the power of fire, granting him great power and returning him home. however, this power did come with its downsides, he lost most of his memories of what came before this journey with only a few remaining and will sometimes lose control, causing chaos to occur around him. With this new knowledge of the future and the loss of his past, he has travelled far from his home in search of the great evil and to find aid in his quest.
Despite him forgetting his old life, there is still a family, waiting for him to one day return.

Personality traits: He is serene even when facing disaster.
Ideal: Power; He believes solitude and contemplation are paths to power.
Bonds: His isolation gave great insight into a great evil only he can destroy.
Flaws: He likes keeping secrets and will not share them with anyone.


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