Lord Sardillo

Amarath's Father


High level bard and retired adventurer. Just give him suitably high levels.


Father of Amarath Di Sivlanze and husband of Lady Marinsta of Sivlanze. Prior to settling down as Lord of the county of Silvanze he was an adventurer and met rescued his future wife from bandits. The two fell in love and when it came time to move on he let his fellow adventurers leave him behind to sing romantic music underneath her window.

Whilst he never intended to train Amarath to follow in his footsteps he did insist she knew how to play music ‘properly’ hence her being sent off to a Bardic college to for her education and it was his tales of grand adventures which ultimately drove her to seek out adventures of her own in the hopes of being able to impress him for once with tales of exotic lands explored, interesting people met and valuable jewels stolen after the people were killed and the land set on fire.

Whilst he doesn’t know her motives for running away he assumes that adventure is in her blood and she had simply grown bored with mastering the ability to hypnotise people into killing each other and wanted to try it out.

Lord Sardillo

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