Captain Tyrus Smythe

Guild Captain


Just use what you want for stats, if combat had occurred I’d have used him as a knight but he never saw any combat so whatever.


Captain Tyrus Smythe recently received his own ship for service under Admiral Codd as his First Mate. He is eager to prove himself a competent member of the Guild but is willing to accept bribes and engage in less sanctioned methods such as hiring mercenaries in order to achieve his goals.

Last time he met the players he was tasked with hunting down Alexandre Cressac and attempted to hire the players to do his work for him. Whilst they killed some slavers he had also requested killed, the players instead decided to steal the gold reward for dealing with the escaped slaves.

When hired by him the crew of the Scrubbucket left behind Amarath Di Sivlanze for him as a hostage. She spent her time with him informing him of his obvious and many flaws and managed to convince him that she was “effectively in charge of the ‘Scrubbucket’, for as much good as that does me.” Because of this when the players stole gold for dealing with the pirates she was the one blamed for the crime.

Captain Tyrus Smythe

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