The Gods Must be Mad!

Episode 06: Chronolocked

The gang unwillingly repeat the same day try to pull off a heist.

GM: Tom

Arriving in Hinwaton a town built on top of a huge coastal stack, the crew watch an execution of three ‘criminals’, the mayor get murdered, then muscle in on a bank heist.

They join Jackdaw and Alahitec and the rest of the Naga Scales Gang to rob the ‘most secure’ bank. Everything is going well until Alahitec is dispelling a magical lock on the vault door and the crew suddenly find themselves back on the ship outside of the Town. Assuming they had been teleported out and screwed over the Jackdaw they sail back to the town and confront Jackdaw.

The Naga Scales gang had no idea what they were talking about and claimed they hadn’t even attempted the Heist yet. The crew then figured out they had been transported back in time. But why? Was it one of the bank magical security measures?
Amarath investigated the three ‘criminals’ about to be executed for the second time but found out they were ‘worthless poor people’ and had no relevance. The crew then confronted the Mayor’s Assassin but did not stop him completing his assassination. When the guards arrived to arrest Jackdaw’s Gang after an anonymous tip-off told the guards where to find them. The crew let Jackdaw’s gang unlike the first day where they helped them resist arrest.

Alahitec was not arrested and they still carried out the heist without Jackdaw and his men. They spent so long talking outside the vault door they found themselves back on the ship, day reset, before Alahitec had even started casting the dispel.

Day Three and the crew decided to prevent the mayor’s death. They killed the assassin before the mayor was killed and then went on the heist in the night. They decided to start earlier as the day is reset at midnight. This time they make it to the Vault but find only a strange box on a pedestal which they open but were sucked into.

They found themselves in a brick cubic room with six doors one on each face. The first person to go through each door would determine what would be on the other side based on their fears.

In Alahitec’s room they see only the corpse of the assassin they killed earlier. Alahitec tells them he has a twin brother Koec. He fears the day when Koec is killed. He did not know that Koec was already dead.

They complete the six Tests of Fear (even coming face to face with Tentacles) and make it to the real vault.

In the Vault room there is an urn which contained the Djinni Ishaazur who grants them three wishes. They wished to dispel the Chronolock, A way out of the Puzzle Box and some Magic Items as the fruits of their heist. They took all of the loot for themselves and left Jackdaw and his gang with nothing.

Rathftanasuun ut Innunans. A ghu’ftg ghushuias Calsaun Ulysses ut tuun su ftagun.


Fordy Fordy

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