Captain Ulysses

The Captain of the Scrubbucket


Real Name: Graet Baet Gromunzagas

Strength: +3
Dexterity: +4
Constitution: +1
Intelligence: +1
Wisdom: +1
Charisma: +3

AC:14 (17 with Armour of Shadows)
HP: 46

Spell Mod: +7
Spell Save DC: 15
Feats: Weapon Master

Trinkets: A tiny Statue of Tentacles the Great Old One which Ulysses can’t get rid of and is the source of his nightmares.
A small piece of crystal that glows in the moonlight.


Once a Captain of the greatest Goblin Pirates to ever grace the seas in his ship The Scrubbucket, which met a tragic end when it was sunk by the Guild Fleet under the orders of Admiral Sullivan Codd. Captain Ulysess would have drowned if he had not for some reason caught the attention of a Great Old One sleeping under the who saved Ulysses and gave him dark powers and in return Ulysses would be ‘eternally in his debt’, whatever that entails…

For now Ulysses yearns to get back on the sea and continue his pirate Captaincy for as long as he can. Now he has a new crew, while not all Goblins this time, all of them are small creatures with the exception of a really tall (half)smelly Half-Elf

Personality Traits: Foul Mouthed
Ideals: Freedom, the open ocean is where he belongs
Bonds: Never forget the Scrubbucket (the first one that is).
Flaws: Once he starts drinking its hard for him to stop. Also always tempted by BOOTY.

Sworn Enemy: Admiral Codd

Mak (Nephew)
Buk (Nephew)
Dars (Nephew)
Snub (Nephew)
Zuderk (Brother)
Senudr (Sister in Law)


Captain Ulysses

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