The evil Cleric of death simply known as... Peter.


A small Rock gnome.
hair: Black

eyes: brown

defining features:
- Handlebar mustache
- scar across nose


Cult Name: Ghoulbone


Somewhere inside the dark twisting trees and roots of Shi forest lies an old fort, abandoned by it’s rulers for a more prosperous land. Thought abandoned by many, fort Raemus now houses new lords. Evil lords. Those who worship the dark Mistress of pain; Loviatar

Born into the cult, Peter quickly ascended to the rank of one of the four high priests of Loviatar and earned the name Ghoulbone, learning many things about torture and suffering. However he was not destined to a life of worship through sticks of incense and prayer. One morning he awoke to discover that one of his fellow high priests, Madrage had betrayed the cult and notified the authorities of their practices! With fort Raemus now under siege by paladins of the Holy order, serving the Goddess Liira, there was nothing that Peter could do but give himself in and buy his cult time to escape.

After being send to a maximum security prison just off the shore of some town he had never heard of, he began to see visions in his dreams, visions of the dark lady bestowing him with powers. Peter has spent years practicing and perfecting his new gifts for when the time comes for him to escape…


The Gods Must be Mad! Fordy Hacksaw