Alexandre Cressac

'Le Champion', Dwarf terrorist/freedom fighter


I was going to use the stats for a gladiator, he never actually fought though so as long as the guy is tough everything is fine.


Once an influential general in the Dwarven kingdom of Granlion. After the death of King Arridano Meilleur led to a civil war he was ambushed and captured by some rival nobles who sold him off as a slave to some slave traders to the Kingdom of Nury. Eventually he was shipped off to the island of Antumber to work on a sugar plantation but escaped and developed a small force of former slaves who waged a guerilla war on the island town. During this period he earned the title of ‘Le Champion’ amongst the slaves of the island for his heroic deeds.

Eventually the crew of the Scrubbucket 2 joined his resistance and he manipulated them into destroying the magical defences controlling whether ships could leave the harbour and thus allowing his ex-slave army to burn the town to the ground and steal every ship at the docks.

Current situation
Having been pursued by mercenaries hired by Nury and the Guild, Cressac turned to the players for aid. They promptly pocketed the money he gave them and ran. Leaving him to fend off the Guild on his own.

A charismatic leader, Cressac always attempts to maintain a reputation as an honest and noble leader- as befits his nickname. However ultimately behind his heroic facade he cares little for the effects of his strategies on his foes and thus has been called a terrorist by those he faced before for targeting civilians aligned with his foes if he felt it would benefit him to do so.

As long as he feels he can ensure someone works for him he is comfortable with helping them out at times however he also feels no scruples with manipulating or backstabbing people if he feels it would benefit him more.

Relationship with the party
When he last met the party they promptly promised to help him before abandoning him. Understandably he was somewhat annoyed by this and will likely be a lot less willing to treat with them again.

Alexandre Cressac

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