Lady Marinsta of Sivlanze

Amarath's Mother


She’d be a fairly generic noble.


Mother of Amarath Di Sivlanze and wife of Lord Sardillo. She was rescued by her future husband from bandits a while back and the two fell in love. Unlike her husband she has spent her whole life living in relative wealth and has always looked down on those she deems as lesser born- a trait which passed on to her daughter.

While she always insisted that her daughter should look forward to a life of plotting to poison her second cousins in order to inherit their lands and accumulate greater power, she fears that the recent departure of Amarath indicates that she has inherited her husbands adventurous nature and thus is more interested in raiding dungeons than imprisoning her peers in them.

It should be noted that she isn’t so much evil as used to a life where the biggest threats to her future come not from poverty and famine but from her peers seeking to annex her titles and land- she doesn’t so much see doing the same to them as immoral as much as the natural state of affairs for anyone with a title. Her husband finds these intrigues rather dull and so leaves most of the plotting to her- though he does enjoy a good duel every so often.

Lady Marinsta of Sivlanze

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