Young Mage who caused a Chronolock


Alahitec is a young mage recruited by Jackdaw to stage the bank heist years ago. They planned to place a Chronolock on the vault so each day it would refresh and they could rob it multiple times and also get away with it.

Alahitec is, however, a young and inexperienced (read: incompetent) mage and messed up the spell instead casting it on the entire town of Hinwaton and each day at midnight to town restarts the same day and no one remembers anything of the former day.

Alahitec’s brother Koec wanted to avoid him from getting involved with criminals and decided to kill two birds with one stone. He killed the awful Mayor Androd who ruled with an iron fist and set Alahitec’s co-conspirators up to take the blame. On every day for the last few years the plan worked. The Mayor was killed and Jackdaw’s gang was arrested but they broke free later and still carried out the plan with Alahitec anyway.

The crew of the Scrubbucket did not majorly change the outcome on their first two loops. On their third loop however they killed Koec before he could kill the Mayor and then Chronolock so Koec was permanently dead and the Mayor still lived.

Later in the Puzzle Box they saw one of Alahitec’s fear was the death of his brother. They did not tell him the fear room was actually what had happened earlier and so as they left Alahitec was still unaware of his brother’s death.



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